Dave Firth

‘davefirth.org’ – Really?

As a rule of thumb, any ministry that uses a person’s name in the website address would be a ministry I would avoid!

Personal glorification is a cancer in our society which, unfortunately has infected the Church. That said, I decided to put all this info together in one place so people could access useful resources and information about the various things I’m involved in.
It sits within the domain name ‘davefirth.org’ simply because that’s relatively easy to remember and I have several different roles and hats.

Words like ‘Capernwray’, ‘Torchbearers’ and ‘Authentic’ can easily be misspelled so I decided this would be the simplest solution – feel free to let me know if you agree.

In fact, if you EVER feel this website is glorifying anyone or anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ, please let me know immediately!


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